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Firstly - welcome - thanks so much for reading - it’s great to have you here.

I am a writer living and working in the North East of England, published by the small but feisty Linen Press. As a woman of a certain age I came to writing late, after working for twenty five years in a women’s prison in County Durham. Perhaps coming to the party late is why I relish and treasure my writing life so much.

I think of Writing Days, as a kind of scrapbook for writers, readers, and all those interested in living a creative life, where I share with you my reflections on writing; the mundane and the rewarding, all aspects of my work in progress, how reading inspires me, what sustains my creativity, as well as my love of gardens and of my three granddaughters!

To the writers - I believe we can all achieve success as writers on our own terms. It is not a matter of being published or not. It really isn’t. I hope Writing Days will inspire you to read, write and live the creative life you wish for.

To the readers - reading saved my life when I was young and I am never without a book. I will welcome your recommendations and love to have your feedback on my work.

To those living the creative life - gardeners, grandmothers, cooks, painters, photographers, activists, healers, dressmakers, carers - the list is endless, I hope you find inspiration in these pages.

With apologies to Bob Dylan - A woman is a success if she gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night, and in between she does something of what she wants to do

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